Shouting in silence

A sleepless night. Probably a sign that is time to put some thoughts and feelings out in the space.

Though it might not always be that easy, I can guarantee that beeing sleepless means for me mixing thoughts with feelings. It is the state where I no longer notice the difference, and I get restless. What did I forget? What could I do better? How can I do things in another way?

Sometimes it is just a matter of breaking my own barriers. The barriers of silence. My self imposed barriers where some things get too scary to talk about them. When I feel that some thoughts become too big to manage.

And then in this insomnia I try to be productive. I try to make sense out of it.

I just try to stop feeling like I am opening my mouth in silence, while the world turns around at the speed of light. People moves fast around me without seeing me, without hearing me. Quite a peculiar but yet, familiar feeling. Like when you feel loneliness sneeking through your feet. Loneliness become a sweet cat, playing at night telling me everything is going to be allright.

Nothing else to do but trying to understand that loneliness, like many other feelings, might going to feel a little less overwhelming some day.

Good night.


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