School, our source for dreams and a peaceful humanity

Today is a day we have experienced sorrow, once again. 132 school kids were killed by the Taliban, in another attempt of creating hatred and to try to control population with fear.

Since 2009 there has been over 9500 attacks to school or to children on their way to school. Many armed groups see their chance to create harm and pain attacking defendless kids.

I do not agree with most of the basis on what western school system is build on. But it is outside discussion that learning means making dreams come alive for our children. Learning means entering a new world of opportunities, a new world of big ideas and hopes. Learning is our most powerful way to build a peaceful society in a perfect balance with our planet.

This last attack to the future of humanity is a horrible act of how hatred is accumulated generation after generation. On how some groups spread fear to control populations, on how armed conflicts just bring misery and death to a majority of innocent people.

My thoughts and compassion are with all the families that lost a lovely member of the future. My feelings are with the families of all the kids around the world that have been kidnapped, trapped, raped, tortured and killed for situations they do not want to be part of. Situations created by greedy, angry grown-ups that would use any tool to meet their goals.

Yet I am sure that we are going to be able to put an end to these kind of situations. I am sure that many of us around the globe have understood that these kind of barbaric and unhuman behaviour cannot be approached with more hate. We will not tolerate more killing, but we won’t be a part of revenge either.

As a pedagog I want to be a part of a humanity that cherishes our kids, that shows them that we will work for their dreams, that we will give them wings to learn and good resources to be themselves.
Since schools are small socities, we will not allow armed groups stop out mission as educators, as teachers, as pedagogs. Our journey for a peaceful humanity must continue. Our journey to build a clean environement, supporting each other and seeing each other every day must be the goal.

These are the reasons why our school system has to change. I firmly believe that we can help children keeping up their creativity, their compassion, their spontanity. I believe that children does not need doctrines or large amounts of information to become empathic humans beings. I think it is about time to listen to children, we adults have to stop looking around our bellies and we have to sit quitely, under a tree, discovering again how to see the world through a child’s eyes. Without hatred nor greed, without tests nor grades.

Just seeing that you and me, my friend. We are one.

In memory of all the children we have lost…

Means being one
One with nature and one with all of humankind
I see a woman with a child
Their eyes are filled with tears of pain
I want to wipe the tears away and comfort them
They are starving
And we, you and I, can do something

— Mohammad Hanif’s entry to Poetry for Peace contest,2011


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