Are you done now?

Terrorism. Violence. Control.Labeling. Bullying. Alienation.

I am constantly reading the news, and I get more and more fed up on how we get them presented. Both journalists, politicians and other public figures keep on naming people, making strong points on how different we are from each other, how dangerous other people might be.
They try to make us think we are different because of the god we believe in, because the language we speak or because the colour of our skin. Nothing of that matters. While we are busy discrediting other human beings, we can’t be creative and live in peace at the same time.
We are played by fear of differences that really don’t exist. In many ways we have a need to put names to diversity to understand it, but at the same time we create boundaries that are not there.

Lately, I have come to the point where I am completely fed up of hateful rethorics and fear-based play. I am done. I am tired of reading that Muslim people this, and Down syndrom people that, even that Nigerian people can do this or that Spanish are always like that. STOP NOW. I do not want to hear or read that anymore.
I do not care if my neighbour gets a medical diagnose, he is still a human being. I do not care if you can walk, roll, talk, make signs or stear a computer with your eyes. You are still a human being. And I even care less if you believe in one god, goddess or mother nature, you are still a human being.

We are behaving like a bunch of three year old fighting in a sand box because of a shovel. How stupid is that? We learn children how to share, but then we close our borders in Europe to brothers and sisters searching for a dream. We teach our children not to bully, but here we are, calling each other names based on the colour of our skin, nationality and stereotypes. We teach our children to include others while we decide who can be part of society or not based on stupid rules that just create anger and sadness.

GIVE ME A BREAK. I do not have patience anymore for this stupidity. Instead of looking for enemies, reach a hand to unknown people. Instead of basing your opinions on what you see on TV, turn it off and go out and help your neighbours. Get to know a person that seems to be unlike you, you might probably be surprised of what you have in common. Instead of sitting on your ass feeling sorry for yourself, go out and help kids keeping up their curiosity. Play with them, keep it real.

Because while many people is out there trying to make you fear other human beings, life is passing by and you are just as passive as your couch. Get up and don’t let anybody tell you what to think about other human beings.


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