Dark rivers pass by

Rivers of dark waters running through my veins

Tearing me apart, poisoning me inside.

I have kept clean and quite for months, silent and peaceful.

Fear is my trigger, emotions out of control now

They eat up my muscles, my smiles.

Can’t work against them, I just try to fly.

Fly with my throat closed, my stomach full of burning acid.

Once again, this will pass by.

You will never win this battle

No matter how hard you hate and try.

Silently I started my way to freedom, taking my heart with me.

And soon I’ll loose your sight in the horizon, never coming back.


While these rivers are flowing in my body

it slowly stars getting clear again,

though this awful headache is still banging my brain.

Sitting in the sun, in the company of the trees and the wind.

I’m crying, I’m healing.

Completely in touch with my body, my soul explains itself through my pen.

And I breath the air,

And I taste my tears,

The sun warming my aching body.

Me, letting dark rivers flow.

Feeling the scars that never disappear.

But I will continue trying to fly.

Until I’m finally free.

I am on my way,

I’ve been told this by the wind.


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