Enchanting wood

A silent language Blowing in the wind Spoken by the trees Your heart can hear it Your soul is part of it Come and sit together while they whisper in our ears… Come back slowly and gently to me. Advertisements

It’s late. But since I’ve been restless all day, I decided to start reading the book with collected works of Juddi Krishnamurti. I received it today and I felt again like I always feel getting a new book. Like my little secret, some pages which I will share some intimate moments with. Trying to leave … More

When was the last time you questioned yourself?

Dreams and conversations. This is a part of the process. In an overstimulated society we hide, seeking for shelter in cheap entertainment. Poor mind and heart, closed in a silent solitude, pushed by a world of neon. I wondered when was the last time you questioned yourself. When did you try to feel the sweet tears behind your mask. … More When was the last time you questioned yourself?

Between paper walls

It might be the rainy weather. It might be my cold. But the fact that I’ve been feeling imprisoned again can’t be a coincidence. Everywhere I turn around there’s rules, there’s procedures, there’s laws, there’s expectations. I feel imprisoned in a huge dehumanized system that makes no sense because it lost its soul a long … More Between paper walls