Between paper walls

It might be the rainy weather. It might be my cold.

But the fact that I’ve been feeling imprisoned again can’t be a coincidence. Everywhere I turn around there’s rules, there’s procedures, there’s laws.

I feel imprisoned in a huge system that makes no sense because it lost its soul a long time ago.

Sometimes I’m not able of breathing. I look around me, is there anybody else feeling the same way? It’s difficult to know, because every seems so well adjusted.

And then my doubts come screaming at me. My two kids at school, being measured and struggling to learn how to read and write. What is really important? Being a pedagog this question strikes me hard, at the same time I feel that the system also imprisons my children trying to tame them.

And I wonder…who needs to be tamed? Who needs to learn about life through books? Who needs so many rules to live a fulfilling life?

In the middle of this pain I wake up. I deny being trapped between these paper walls, now it’s time to tear them down.


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