When was the last time you questioned yourself?

Dreams and conversations. This is a part of the process.

In an overstimulated society we hide, seeking for shelter in cheap entertainment. Poor mind and heart, closed in a silent solitude, pushed by a world of neon.

I wondered when was the last time you questioned yourself.

When did you try to feel the sweet tears behind your mask. When did you evaluated your inner voice against your public life.

After talking with a good friend, I came to the conclusion that the world needs more inner questioning, more philosophers, more real conversations.

I understand now what I’ve read in some good books. We evolve in contact with others. By sharing our silences and learning from our actions. Enjoying sharing new words while we grow with our exchanged thoughts. Nourishing each other with open courageous hearts.

We are  on our way to somewhere, and we need to stop and feel. We need to stop and ask our hearts for direction.

I never thought I would have such a rich dialog within myself. I lived afraid of getting to know myself for many years, but now the situation has turned around. Being burned out gives us the opportunity to reborn from our ashes. We crash, we burn, we grow.

And in this process of growing we can pause and enjoy the sweet silence. Leting nature do what she knows best. Leading us to perfection in ourselves. So keep on asking, keep on looking, keep on playing. Everything will make sense some day.


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