Lost soul connection

I guess this is how it is when I fall out from my routines. I just miss it all.

For some months ago I thought I was ready. Perhaps that is the problem, that I actually thought it but I wasn’t paying atention to my feelings.

I don’t know what I felt. I thought I would be in controll and actually I have to let go. And in this situation I can’t no longer feel my soul.

It is there, trying to guide me. But I don’t hear it. I really try to keep my head up, my heart open, my soul radiant. It is just a big mess.

The only thing to do is go back to the source. The source of silence where the soul thrives. In silence can I search for the answers. In silence I can find myself again.

Meanwhile, I have to live in this noisy world that makes no sense. Nobody who understands, nobody who sees. The connection got lost the day I felt invisible. I lost track of my purpose, and suddenly I felt in a endless vacuum.

I want go back to my balance. I want to get in touch with my soul again.


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