Unknown destination

Long time no see.

I have been away with my fear. You came close to my scars and I went straight to the dark. It might sound dramatic, but it is there I feel safe. In the dark of my loneliness I can hear my soul again.

The path of life is unknown, we don’t see the destination and we think we should be in control. Today walking on my own I understood that I have to let go.


You are in me. You always have. At first I didn’t understand it, I wanted to rationalize it, I needed to understand. But it just is. Like this path called life. Today, just for a few moments, I felt free with you inside of me. We were one, you, me, life. Time doesn’t matter, every minute with the physical you is what counts.

After you brought me back from fear, I see we are here. You and me. We. Towards an unknown destination for a period of time. Though we don’t know how much time we’ll spend together, we will always be one. Though our fears, ours scars, our humanness can drive us apart. We will always be one.

This moment of peace feeling you today grounded me. I don’t care what happens, you will always be here. And I will keep on walking through life with you inside of me. Hopefully holding hands until we take our last breath together.

Why didn’t you just left me? I saw pain in your eyes, because you hurted me and even more pain because my silence broke you down. We go beyond words, because words are nothing. I meet you in our silence. I see your soul in your eyes and we are home.

I’ll hold on to you inside of me forever. We are a part of each other now. Even after our feet don’t touch the ground anymore.


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