No time, no space

Shadow. Private picture.

Walking around in the city. Waiting for the movie to start. The mist is falling down and I can almost smell the rain.

Suddenly I see some adds for houses in sale. Houses I could never buy, houses for another life.

I realize that my soul is timeless, that my body is spaceless. I do not feel attached to any place, I don’t feel like describing myself.

I was born in a country that could never define me, in a time of rapid spiral change.

The only constant companion is loneliness. She has always been here, holding my hand in my infinite walks. She used to annoy me, she used to make me feel unease. But we are friends now, and this is exactly what made me smile today while I was walking in the city.

My loyal loneliness and I. In no time and no space, she is always here. Guarding me, reminding me of my own reflection. Mirrors tend to lie, they just show you the track of time. Nothing less, nothing more. But my dear loneliness shows me all the peace of mind I have achieved during all these years. I feel free, though trapped in this temporal limited shield.

But my dear loneliness, the one who bears the scar of every battle, the one that bears all the love for my children, the one that tells me to smile behind my pain. She is always here hiding in my own shadow.

I could be anyone, I could live anywhere. My loneliness would always feel the same. Holding my hand when the wind caresses my hair while the sun shows me the way. My loneliness, who whispered all the secrets of ancients witches running in my veins. My loneliness, showing me all my healing power that I give to every man that comes my way. My loneliness, that has cursed me forever in this grey existence of detachment.

I am just a visitor, I am kindly reminded of that by her. Though I part, though I fail, though I drain, my loneliness will remain. As a timeless breath of my little print in this time, searching for another lonely soul to part our way.



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