It is time to act

Another terrorist attack in Europe and another feeling of rage inside of me. I knew I shouldn’t go to social media when these situations happen, but then again, I wanted to check if the level of ignorance of my European fellows had raised since last terrorist attack in Europe.

To my big disappointment, in general it hadn’t. Right now I am completely pissed off and I demand us to join and start to act. I will explain the reasons to my omgoing disappointment and why we should act to stop this situation from escalating any further.

1. Once again most people show their mourning when white people are attacked. The fact tht the last couple of days over 90 people has been killed in Afghanistan, enviromanetal activists are being killed in Central-America daily and that people are dying in the industries we outsource to Asian countries due slavery conditions and very few actually mourn publicly about it, that just shows how ethnocentric white uncritical selfish people we are.

Our reactions gives an unspoken message “Every fucking time I mourn publicly and people in countries that have been affected with the consequences of proxy wars created by our governments to sell you arms and get your oil, I actually don’t give a damn about how many of you dark poor people have died”.

Let’s make it very clear here. Every-dead-innocent-is-unfair-and-extremely-sad. But our selective responses to some deaths regardless of others depending on which imaginary boundary we live in, the colous of our skin or the neighbourhood we can afford to live in, shows that still many people has not understood the underlying causes to terrorism. Evenmore, it shows that common people has not understood that other civilians are their enemies. Our common enemies are men in ties sitting in expensive houses using their economical power to dehumanize the rest of us.

2. Terrorism vs. state terrorism. Dear white people, our states have been engaging in state terrorism for the last 500 years. Don’t even start with the thought “Many other civilizations before us had done the same”. That is whataboutism you should really clean your head from. Yes, many civilizations have colonilized and violated other people since the beginning of humanity, and that still doesn’t justify that our state leaders have been doing it in a global scale accelerating poverty, injustice and polluting the planet in the same breath at a big scale the last 40 years.

So, if you European people don’t like terrorism near you, stop being silent when our state leaders send troops to other land to “bring them justice and freedom”, stop buying products of transnational corporations that lobbyies with our states and stop closing your eyes at the fact that every unjust action we create in another land, it comes right back to us.

3. No good vs evil. I hate the discourse of us versus them, good vs evil. I believe there is always intrinsecally good in people, but our personal experienes can shape our life choices. I can’t believe the anybody with a slight piece of humanity in their being can’t see that nobody in this world is born and grows up thinking : I want to be a murderer when I grow old.

We have always the choice in life not to hurt others, that is why I will never defend any kind of terrorism. What I see is that greed of state terrorism becomes military violence served with the greater impunity as the common factor in all innocent deaths.

Even the single terrorist comitting these atrocities are still human being that for reasons we can’t understand, chose to kill and injure other human beings. So what is the solution? Start resisting state terrorism. Stop believing in politician’s discourses about enemies and start engaging in direct action.

4. State terrorism is the agressive sibling of capitalism. Underlying state terrorism we find a wider system. It is called capitalism which is the modern and improved version of feudalism. Capitalism is based on inequality and survives by means of production. That means of course, that while mostly civilians produce, the results of production gets into the hands of 1% of the population.

Capitalism is the root to state terrorisme, because state terrorism has two different goals. One, to earn capital selling weapons and military instrastructure which is also the number one industry causing pollution around the world. Two, earning control on natural resources and political control in the countries they operate in.

It is not random that the three countries with more investments abroad in both goals are USA, UK and China. They share almost every country in the world in a scala that goes from trading to resource explotiation or direct military action. Of course, they use military force when they have to, but these states use another slightly more diplomatic weapons of quite new existance. Transnational corporations.

Transnational corporations like Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Exxon and Monsanto, just to name a few, have their fancy offices in rich countries while they have their dirty businesses in countries where they can enslave people, they can pollute local resources, they can create other parasiting industries to keep their machinery going and they can buy other wanna-be local politicians to make national laws in their favour.

So if you give yourself a time to think, you can imagine that people in these enslaved and explotiated countries should be nodding and accepting to be treated this way, right?

Of course not, but in Western countries we are enslaved as well in more diplomatic ways. That is why they try to sell us the idea that we have to work around 40 hours a week to keep our privileges (whateever these are) and of course we don’t have to engage in the real work, that is getting ride off our states and create a social system based on freedom, equality and peace.

5. Uncritical media. Of course, propaganda is the best way to keep people fighting with each other instead of against the systems named in earlier points. Media just show issues, not from a critical point of view making politicians, bankers and lobbyists accountant for their involvements in other countries desestabilizing them.

No, nowadays mass media are echo chambers of the capitalistic system.  The ones that dare to speak the truth, pay the price with their life or have to continue their work in little corners while those who shout louder think they are right.

6. Religion. Religion should never be a part of the decision process in any social system. Religion as an individual right to work with each person’s spirituality is respectable but at this particular moment is a tool for oppression and it is misused by politicians as an excuse to create more wars.

It is human to seek comfort and support of others both in difficult moments and in joyful periods, but secular values that we actually find as common values in most of religions, should be the common ground. This is necessary to avoid more alienation and excuses to divide us.

So, what can we do to build up a new, healthy, peaceful social system to live in?

Resist this poisonous system while we organize locally to grow something new. There is no recipe for this process, but the only way is to work together towards our mutual goals. Either joining an NGO, a union, being critical in different media, starting a local resource network or joining a libertarian organisation.


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