It is time to act

Another terrorist attack in Europe and another feeling of rage inside of me. I knew I shouldn’t go to social media when these situations happen, but then again, I wanted to check if the level of ignorance of my European fellows had raised since last terrorist attack in Europe. To my big disappointment, in general … More It is time to act

Noche de insomnio

Aquí estoy, a las 03.30 de la noche y sin poder dormir. Este escrito lo debería de haber hecho hace horas y hubiera descansado, pero no. El cerebro ahora mismo no conoce de razones, simplemente gira alrededor del miedo. Miedo a que no hayamos aprendido de la historia, miedo a que se repita lo que … More Noche de insomnio

Kvinnekåringer og sympatiske majoritetsforbilder i moteriktige t-skjorter

Vi vet at hver enkelt har rett til å definere seg selv og spesielt når det gjelder feminisme, det som i praksis legges i å definere seg selv som feminist varierer stort. Variasjonen innen feminisme blir ofte kritisert fordi bevegelsen er skapt av forskjellige individer med variert bakgrunn som gir opplevelsen av samme begrepet sitt … More Kvinnekåringer og sympatiske majoritetsforbilder i moteriktige t-skjorter


Otro día sin sentido. El hecho de que el cuerpo se sienta arrastrado por un simple refriado ya muestra que la cabeza ahora mismo no anda receptiva. El alma, desde hace 3 años, sigue su propio camino de apertura y el choque con la realidad comporta niveles de disociación. Hoy es un día en el … More Disociación

Going in circles

Yes, today is one of those days. One of those days when I feel trapped because I make two steps forward as a slave and three steps back as a human. It is very frustrating, to know exactly what kind of life you want to live and still being unable of taking next step. Or … More Going in circles

Colourful horizon

    Another sleepless night, the winter is still here. When words can’t match our feelings, it is time to let it pass. Enjoying the silence, the pain is more obvious. This time I will decide how long will this transition last. No need to rush though, still learning in every step of the way. … More Colourful horizon