Otro día sin sentido. El hecho de que el cuerpo se sienta arrastrado por un simple refriado ya muestra que la cabeza ahora mismo no anda receptiva. El alma, desde hace 3 años, sigue su propio camino de apertura y el choque con la realidad comporta niveles de disociación. Hoy es un día en el … More Disociación

Going in circles

Yes, today is one of those days. One of those days when I feel trapped because I make two steps forward as a slave and three steps back as a human. It is very frustrating, to know exactly what kind of life you want to live and still being unable of taking next step. Or … More Going in circles

Colourful horizon

    Another sleepless night, the winter is still here. When words can’t match our feelings, it is time to let it pass. Enjoying the silence, the pain is more obvious. This time I will decide how long will this transition last. No need to rush though, still learning in every step of the way. … More Colourful horizon

Vi er glass

Noen dager vet du at du skal ha et spesielt møte med et annet menneske. I dag var jeg forberedt på å møte en person som har opplevd et stort tap i livet. Det eneste jeg kunne gjøre var å holde henne i hånda i mørket. Mitt livserfaring, min faglig kunnskap betydde ingenting. Det merket … More Vi er glass

Reconnecting with nature: our search for self-worth

Due my interest following the situation in North Dakota where several indian tribes are trying to stop fracking through sacred land, a powerful and strong feeling of oneness has arised in me lately. The protectors are well organized and though the US government and corporations stay quiet and even send armed patrols to “control” the … More Reconnecting with nature: our search for self-worth